Monday, May 24, 2021

Happy Monday

During the Suffrage Centennial, I had a few giveaways before the pandemic hit.  One winner was Susan P. who received some blue and white suffrage fabric.  Just look at what she did with hers!

WOW!  What a way to feature a fabric!
Great job Susan!

Susan had taken a zoom class with Australian quilter, Racheldaisy Dodd.  The workshop was called "Whizz Bang"; Rachel Daisy's website is here.  

In other news, Wendy sent a link that is both helpful and interesting when your colors bleed.  I hope this never happens again but I bookmarked the article just in case.  You can read it here.

In other developments, the copyright for Story Time Stitches arrived!  I'll be starting the series with a forward this Wednesday.  I've decided to use a footnote format for the illustrations and some information because it makes it easier to read.

Have a safe and happy day!

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