Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Another Tip

 Thanks for all the feedback this week!  I think I was most surprised by the number of you that commented or emailed that you weren't comfortable shopping in a store yet either.  A few of you, like Betsy, noted that certain stores (like Ladyfingers for you locals) were taking proper pandemic precautions and that she felt safe shopping there.

Also my friend Jasmine suggested I write to you about my favorite thing these days.  I had forgotten about it and I think I mentioned it on my other blog weeks ago.  

I love this new thing that some of the fabric manufacturers are printing.  They are panels with the colors of solids printed on and not unlike paint chip charts:

Kona Solid panel

Moda has one too for Bella solids

I've been sewing from my stash for a few years and trying to use up what I have.
Stop laughing, I AM!!!

But the thing is, you get to the point where you don't have the right color or enough yardage to coordinate with what you have--- and then you feel like you need to buy something to go with it.  So I bought these panels to see if they could help.  And by the way, all the prices of these solids are about the same, no matter where you shop.  Moda's Bellas are about a dollar more expensive per yard.

I do like that Moda gives you bigger color swatches on their panel but let's do a color comparison.  Be warned, I of course picked a cloudy and rainy day for this comparison.

Here are the Kona fabrics with the swatches:
Fabric sample to the right.  I'd say pretty spot on for Creamsicle

Fabric sample on the bottom.  Primrose is slightly lighter but still in the same family.  It does work with my fabric.


Now Moda's Bella line:
The sample is on the bottom.  That actually seems like a big difference with the fabric being a lot brighter.  Unfortunately, I don't have another Bella to compare.  I even wondered if the clerk mixed up the colors.

Have you used these color swatch panels?  Would you consider using them?  Well that is my big tip for today!

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. I rarely use solids so a panel wouldn't be helpful for me. I agree that color swatches, whether on fabric or paper, are not always entirely accurate.

  2. I considered purchasing the panels since buying fabric online this past year has been difficult when trying to match. Some websites noted that the panels are digitally printed and won't match the solid fabrics.

  3. I've not heard of these panels before. I'll have to look in to it. I have a color card for DMC. I bought it over 20 years ago to match embroidery floss. This past year I noticed it's for Pearle Cotton too. I've been able to match thread for big stitch exactly. Bonus!

  4. I have managed to acquire two big bins of solids even though I don't purchase them. No, I don't steal them! I have benefited from several destashings.....The swatch cards remind me of the swatch cards from DMC floss and Paternayan Persian needlepoint yarn. I don't really need a swatch card for quilt fabric, i don't think.