Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Wife Preservers: Laundry Edition


Happy Wednesday!

Okay maybe I don't feel like dancing with gravy but sometimes when I'm under the weather, I read old newspapers.  Lately I've been reading blurbs called "Wife Preservers" which appeared in newspapers between 1926 and 1976.  

My husband says they are called "hacks" now.  Throughout my of my adulthood, a hack was someone who wrote substandard pieces.  Or it meant that you slashed (hacked) something like a tree branch.  Later the word took on the meaning of someone who illegally accessed someone's computer.  It's beyond me how the word got to mean tips or "a strategy to manage one's time more efficiently" (thank you dictionary). husband loves hacks.  I think in some secret part of his heart, he wishes I would be a 50s housewife and wait on him more.  Unfortunately for him, my Dad wanted his only daughter to ponder intellectually and not worry about housekeeping. 


I do like to read these blurbs.  Sometimes they make me laugh but most of the time they provide an interesting insight into life before everything became disposable and commercial.  Today I thought I would share some with you.  I'm wondering if any of these resonate with you and bring back memories...

Remember when gasoline was a household product?  I don't--but then I do know that my mother got lice at school and the solution was to wash her hair in kerosene...

Here's a tip I wish I had known as a child.  It was my job to hang up the clothes and remove them, even when the temps were freezing.  The clothes usually were frozen solid and did stick to the line.

My grandparents didn't throw anything out, not even discarded irons.  I could almost hear my Pop-pop say, "see, I told you this would be good for something..."

Mostly, these tips remind me of how grateful I am to have the modern conveniences we have now.  Do you agree?

Have a safe and happy day!

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