Monday, December 11, 2023

Santa Poodle


Happy Monday!

Well another week begins and I'm hoping it will be better than last week when a few members of the family tested positive for covid and one ended up in the hospital.  Everyone is home and recovering again (I tested negative twice).  I sure would like one quiet week.

But the week may be looking up.  On Saturday, my friend Jeannette sent a package to Lucky all the way from Maine.  She had us measure Lucky and made him a special tailored to him coat.  


And Lucky loved it too!  He poised and preened for the camera.  He also fought Brad when we returned inside and Brad took it off him!

There's just enough room for him to grow (we have 3.2 pounds to go yet to get him to regular weight) and his hair to grow in.  

Lucky's been having a good time chasing the rabbits from our yard and many futile attempts to catch squirrels.  

He's found his voice and now barks often when the restaurant down the street has customers.  The little restaurant gets busy this time of year so it's going to be a long three weeks.

Wishing you a safe and happy Monday!


  1. That is a lovely coat for a Lucky dog! Glad all are on the mend...time for a good week for you!

  2. Wish I had a red coat! He looks great and so warm.

  3. A Santa coat for Lucky! Love the vintage poodle, too.