Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tuesday's This and That: December 12, 2023


Happy Tuesday!

We are well into Hanukkah and I would be remiss if I didn't wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah!


Less than 4 weeks until we are in 2024.  Do you have any resolutions for quilt making? Intend on doing a Quilt Along or a Mystery Quilt?  I'm just wondering what goals--if any--you have set.  The Fat Quarter shop has a list of projects available for the coming year here.

I don't do Mystery Quilts because I need to see the quilt before I make it...especially with the price of fabric these days. 

So far on my list for 2024 are: some Phillies baseball quilts for Justin's boys; a lap quilt featuring dogs for Jeannette (who made Scout's coat); and a tree quilt (I got the pattern at the Seasoned Homemaker).

Beth and I have a special project we are going to start working on in 2024.  She is busily painting and redoing her sewing room until then.  

The woman above looks enamored with something.  I can't tell if she is charmed by the flowers or sewing machine or maybe something else?

Right before we all got sick, my niece Christina picked up my Mom's 1954 Singer Sewing machine.  We had a long talk about sewing machines and she promised to get the machine cleaned and serviced before she uses it in 2024.  Christina knits and crochets but would love to learn to sew.  This next generation is sure enterprising.    She's confident she'll learn everything she needs from utube videos.

Lastly, please be sure to be careful these days.  My brother and SIL have covid (again) and now are going into week 2.  They are still pretty sick and the  doctor said they just have to wait for the covid to finish up.  Do you wear a mask these days?  My husband and I both do.

Have a safe and happy day!



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother and SIL. That's rough, especially here at the holiday season. We haven't worn a mask since we were allowed to go without, but we regularly see folks still wearing them.
    I am trying not to join any QALs or sewalongs, but who knows if one might pop up that I want to try. Like you, mystery quilts are not for me - I like to see what I'm making!
    My daughter and oldest granddaughters have expressed the desire to learn to sew, yet none ever has the time to learn when we are together. I keep telling them they can find what they need on YouTube or Mr. Google!

  2. I consider where I am and then don a mask if I feel the need. Perhaps it is because we lost 3 friends earlier this year to COVID. They didn't fall into any risk categories either which really brought me up short! yikes! I have a Christmas quilt on the bed and one hanging on the wall. There is enough fabric to make a couple (dozen) more! First need to finish up the quilts for the teachers. June will be here before we know it.