Friday, December 22, 2023

Friendship Friday: December 22, 2023


Hello friends!

Lucky has really learned to love the backyard and particularly the critters that visit the garden.  He begins his trip to the garden by stalking because he's seen enough rabbits there and is always excited to see them...even if he can't catch him.  Birds often intrigue him and he'll never catch the squirrels.  

So it was funny to me that as I took this photo outside the window that he didn't notice anything at all.  This was last weekend:

The squirrel is feasting on the berries on the Beauty Berry bush.  Barb S. gave me a small bush years ago and it has grown into a massive bush outside the window.  I planted it there because the berries are edible and I enjoy watching the birds feast in the winter time.  This was the first time I saw a squirrel eating the berries.  Thanks Barb!

Lucky is about to have his first Christmas with our family.  We did not put up a Christmas tree because we knew it would be too much for him to resist.  

This 1964 photo makes me feel a little better.  At least Lucky isn't getting into as much trouble as "Duffie" was back then.  

Luck gets a little less bitey everyday but we still have a ways to go (he gets mouthy when he's excited).

Some things still very much frighten him.  These past weeks we've had to take his last walk after dark and those inflatable Christmas ornaments really terrify him. We've learned to bypass those scary monsters...😂

After weeks of being in the sewing room, Lucky has developed pediophobia (fear of dolls).  Elsie the doll particularly frightens him and he will incessantly bark at her.

I'm spending the next few days baking for the holiday and spending time with family.  I daresn't make the cookies too soon because the cookie monster (my husband) will attack them.  

Wishing you all a happy holiday!  Hugs!


  1. You can tell Lucky that I'm not a big fan of those inflatable Christmas decorations either! But I agree, watching the birds and squirrels in the backyard is great fun. Merry Christmas, Michele!