Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tuesday's This and That: July 5, 2022


Happy Tuesday!  

I hope you had a grand and wonderful Fourth of July!

Happily, the doll quilts were well received by the little girls in the family.  Unhappily, we missed all festivities during the holiday. 

Brad became sick in Canada which was unusual because he is diligent about masking.  He was tested 3 times for Covid and each time the test came up negative.  I sent him right to the doctor when he got home and fortunately kept my distance.  Brad was diagnosed with Whooping Cough.  I had never thought much about this because we were all vaccinated as kids.  Turns out our vaccines are worn out and it is highly contagious.  Even a handshake can spread the infection.  Also unfortunately, I had insisted that he take some time off when he came home and he's sick and on vacation.  A few more days and the quarantine lifts for both of us.  In the meantime we are isolating and I am hoping that all my masking and sterilizing prevents me from getting it too.


I like children's books that are quilt related and just ordered this one.  It probably escaped my notice because of the pandemic (it was published in 2020).

I noticed in the reviews that some quilters are including it as a gift with a baby or child's quilt.  I'm hoping it will be a good book (great reviews).  I'll let you know what I think.  I want to make more checkerboard quilts for the kids in the family with the charms I have and this might be a good book to accompany the gift.


What are you sewing?  I've been isolating from Brad and binding a baby quilt for him to give his high school friend who just became a grandfather. 

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Oh dear, whooping cough? That's so unfortunate for Brad and you. Hope he isn't sick for too long. I'm out of touch with children's books these days, but that looks like a sweet one!

  2. My mother always asks 'How many quilts have you made?" I always say "Probably 100." I think you make about 100 quilts every year!! The babies and children in your orbit are very lucky.