Monday, July 25, 2022

Sew: A Needle Pulling Thread...

 Happy Monday and Happy National Thread the Needle Day!

Let's celebrate the tools of our trade today!

Ahhh...the days when needlebooks were given away for FREE to advertise stores and products!

The books that celebrated not only sewing but passing on the tradition to the next generation:

Can't forget our furry friends:

My personal favorite is that gal that many of us grew up with...Sewing Susan!

Of course we can't forget our thread:

And, just when you thought you heard it all, a 1934 newspaper relayed the newest sport of the year--Needle Threaders.  No, not this kind:

Men who compete by threading needles and were greatly ridiculed by Winifred Black.

Weirdly enough, the competitions continued after WW2.  Ebay has a photo of a champion from Spain doing her thing:

Whatever you're doing today, enjoy threading your needle!

Have a happy and safe a day!

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  1. That Best Made needlebook sure looks familiar. Mom must have had one. Thanks for sharing these! Janet T.