Thursday, July 28, 2022

Greetings from the Garden!


Happy Thursday!

We all seem to be having garden challenges these days.  I hadn't been working in the back yard for weeks because we had a mama catbird scolding me every time I was out back.  I like catbirds, I think they are fun and I love their call.  But this Mama and her baby were about as loud and vocal as a bird can get.  We had a cardinal family living in the Weigelia bush and they never made a peep when I was out.  Anyway, the baby is grown-up and I feel better about working in the back yard.

Fun Fact:  The catbird is not listed as a "state bird" anywhere in the U.S.  It isn't given this honor in Canada either.  

According to Wikipedia, the Northern Cardinal is the state bird for 7 states, including W. Virginia, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky

The butterflies are finally back and even if there aren't many, it's good to see them.  I'm sure you've all heard that the monarch butterfly is now considered endangered.

The roses have survived the July attack of the Japanese Beetles.  Although we haven't had much rain, the soaker hoses have encouraged another recent bloom of my coral roses.  I just stood here inhaling their lovely fragrance!

My favorite plant in the garden is the perennial hibiscus!  Just as most of the plants are beginning to look sunburnt and faded, the hibiscus begins to bloom.  If my garden was bigger, I'd have more of these lovelies!

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Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. Hi Michele, after having a bumper crop of butterflies last year, we have had a paltry few this summer so far. Even the dragonflies were in fewer numbers it seems. So sad about the Monarch. Meanwhile such pretty blooms to enjoy. That hibiscus is a beauty!!