Thursday, July 21, 2022

Scrap Patterns of the 1930s


The Depression was really when used fabrics were incorporated into quilts.  I know, I know, there's a myth about fabrics being recycled in the 19th century but the real era of reusing fabrics was during the 1930s when necessity made it necessary to use everything one could.

Rarely were scrap patterns discussed in the newspaper before that era.  There were a few exceptions, like this pattern from 1917:

But the 1930s changed everything and quilt patterns were frequently advertised for use in scrap quilts.  The bright and clear colors of this era added an emotional uplift, not only for the maker but a bit of cheerfulness in the home.

If the word "scrap" wasn't used in the title of the pattern, it was at least included in the caption:

Feathered Star Scrap Quilt, 1933:

Annie's Scrap Quilt, 1933:


Jeweled Scrap Quilt Pattern (Kansas City Star)

Scrap quilts must have really answered a need because they continued to be advertised after the Depression.  Either for utility or beauty, these quilts are now celebrated.




Mrs. Julia Noren was celebrated in the mid 1950s for her use of leftover and recycled fabrics.  In fact she was dubbed, "the Queen of the Scraps!"

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