Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The Old Hen's Christmas Gift

Here's a fun story that was published in a New York paper in 1925:

The Old Hen's Christmas Gift

An attorney who was also an enthusiastic chicken fancier spent much money and time coddling blooded hens that did not begin to pay for their keep.  He had several pullets that were guaranteed to be the best kind of layers, yet every morning for almost a year he returned empty-handed from his search for eggs.  Finally he had given up hope.

On Christmas morning, however,  he was astonished and delighted to find four beautiful pearly eggs in one of the nests.  He quickly gathered them up and ran triumphantly to show them to his skeptical wife.  Not until he had emerged from the dimness of the hen-house did he notice that each egg bore the neatly penciled greeting:

"Merry Christmas from the Old Hen."

Have a safe and happy day!


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