Monday, December 13, 2021

Kindred Textiles

 It's so nice to be writing about sewing again!  It's even nicer to be doing some sewing.  Yesterday I finally got some sewing in-- it was so nice and soothing to hear the lovely whirrrrr of my sewing machine!   

Yes, My mom is doing better although we still check on her throughout the day.  Thank you for all your kind emails and comments!

You often say in your comments that you look forward to reading my blogs.  It's so kind of you to take the time to relay that to me.   What I realized these past weeks is how much I look forward to beginning my day writing to you.  Thank you.

This week I'm going to be talking occasionally about kindred textiles.  I had already begun to think about this topic before mom took a turn for the worse.  In the evening I often sit with my tablet and look at antique and vintage quilts being sold on online auctions.  I'm never interested in buying anymore but it's nice to see what's out there.  

So let's talk about the pillow fight coverlet:

This piece is fairly large (for a child's piece) and appears to be embroidered on a twin sheet.  I bought it locally and it had an accompanying piece with it also on a twin sheet but did not fill the cloth quite like the first piece:

Years ago, I took the coverlets to a quilt study meeting.  No one had ever seen the pattern before.  Barb G. is the most knowledgeable historian there and she suspected that the piece was done early 20th century and before the 1930s because of the image of the moon.  There were no tell-tale transfer ink marks  underneath the embroidery and we assumed that the piece was hand drawn and was a unique piece.

And then I found this piece on Etsy:

This was unexpected but a bit of a delight because it helps with they mystery.  The piece must have been printed on the sheets or a transfer because it's just too similar.  Yes there were transfers that were extremely large (this design is more than two feet tall).
It's a kindred textile to my own and you can see close-ups of it on Etsy here.

The wonderful thing about textiles is you never what you may learn and I love learning!

Wishing you a safe and happy day!


  1. One of my favorite pieces of yours is a sheet embroidered with sheet music. I don't remember the song. My daughter's name is Lara, so I have wanted to do a sheet with the music to Lara's Theme. That's not gonna happen. Love these sheets.

  2. Of course the mfrs made and sold designs in multiples but to have "twins" turn up all these years later is such fun.

  3. Kind of like searching for unicorns. Enjoy the sunny day!

  4. I love it when things come together like this.