Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Preparing for Sewing in the New Year!


We woke up early and when the sun finally came up, we noticed we got a coating of snow but our neighbors across the street did not.  It's winter and time to think about how we want to sew during the cold months.

What do you do to mark the end of the sewing year?  Some of my friends write a blog post of all the finishes they made in the past year.  I like these kinds of posts because they are very inspiring!   Check out our friend Diann's post here of her hand sewn finishes! Wow!

Other quilters make up lists of the unfinished projects or goals they would like to accomplish in the coming year.  I've done this and found it to be very helpful.

But what is most helpful to me?  CLEANING THE SEWING ROOM!

I have a few things to finish sewing this week and hope to finish them by tomorrow so I can give the sewing room a good going over.  It is so nice to start the year fresh with a clean sewing room.

Another suggestion you might find useful is to check your supplies and tools.  I just ordered a cutting mat and in the middle of my project last week, my rotary cutter broke.  I know I need batting.  I also need to check how many rotary blades I have and how much aurifil thread I have (it's the only thread I use in my machine).  

Tomorrow I'll post some useful links in case you need ideas for the new year.  It's always good to know what is going on in the blogosphere and who doesn't need some inspiration these days?

How do you mark a new sewing year?  Do you have specific projects you want to complete?

Stay in, safe safe, and sew!


  1. I have made a List. I have put on it everything that is unfinished and ideas for what month I might try to get each one done. I am also trying to plan out QALs I might jump into but a lot of those don't give much warning so we shall see. I did a ton of sewing this year (gee, wonder why?) and even quilted two very large quilts. Next year I seriously want to finish my others. So a list was made!

  2. I clean when I am too upset to sew. And there were so many instances in 2020 that my sewing room has never looked better :-D I wish for a more peaceful time in 2021 inspiring more sewing and less cleaning.