Thursday, December 3, 2020

Another New from Old

 Many years ago I took a class on quilt appraisal in Paducah.  It was really an insightful class and taught me so much about antique and vintage quilts.

One of the things that I found useful was when the focus was on baby and doll quilts.

A top that was never completed and later cannibalized for a block.  This piece is very small and a perfect scale for a baby quilt.

I learned that baby and especially doll quilts are highly prized among collectors;  these quilts are easy to display and store, plus many of the textiles don't survive childhood.  Shrewd collectors look for the proper scale in these kinds of quilts.  Gerald Roy, who ran the class, pointed out that many online auctions will take a regular sized quilt, cut it to the size of a baby quilt and then sell it as a regular baby or doll quilt.  One of the keys is in the scale.
Another baby quilt from my collection.  I love the quilting on this piece.  Angels, surrounded by clouds, are quilted on the piece. 

Here is an article appeared in our local paper in 1927 and was probably appealing to the frugal Pennsylvania Germans who lived in our region.  It was an interesting approach to making a baby quilt from old blankets:
Worsted thread is made of wool and you can find a description of it here.  My grandmother always tied baby quilts, often with embroidery floss or wool threads.  Nana said that "babies like to play with the nubbies."   It's possible that many of these old blanket quilts were tied as well because it was less time consuming.  Because the pieces were old blankets, it is unlikely they lasted the test of time.

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