Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Holiday Cheer and Bloom Quilt #2


I finished this Christmas quilt last month.  I call it "Nana Betty's Wrapping Paper" because it reminds me so much of the Xmas wrapping paper she used when I was a kid.  In fact, I'm quite sure she used a blue Santa wrapping similar (if not exactly) like this well into the early 1970s:

Nana always bought Christmas wrapping paper after the holidays and stored it until the following holiday.  She must have gotten a really good sale on the blue paper! 😁  

Terri Trotter did the quilting and included lots of snowflakes and wintery winds!

Because this quilt holds such a strong memory for me, it is technically Bloom Quilt #2.  I have enough four patches left that I'm assembling another quilt to gift to my sister/aunt (an aunt who is my age and more of a sister to me).

I was actually looking for a photo of another Christmas quilt I had made years ago and I kept finding photos of Christmas quilts in yester-years.  Turns out I've made a LOT of Christmas quilts--and that surprised the heck out of me simply because I never thought about it before.  It's probably the second most quilt I've made after juvenile/baby quilts.  Here are some mug rugs I made about a decade ago that I gifted one year.

How about you?  Have you done a lot of holiday quilts?  Would you like to share them on the blog?  In the upcoming months I'm also going to feature some vintage and antique quilts that are wonderful to display this time of year.  

I think we could all use as much cheer we can get this year.  It's been a grim year for all of us and it would be nice to fill the internet with some joy!

Have a wonderful day and please stay safe!

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