Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Color of the Year: 2021

 I googled "clip art paint chip image" and this came up 😂

No, I was thinking more along this line:

Every year Pantone publishes a color of the year.  Ever wonder what a Pantone is?  You can read about the company here.  Classic Blue (or Navy) was the color of 2020.  I forgot about that until they published the 2021 colors.  I did do a lot of navy quilts  this year (but not because it was the color of the year--I was just using up yardage in my stash) This was my favorite quilt that I made for Linda:

Kona's color of the year was "enchanted" a green that was also popular.  I don't think I did anything this color:

So what is the color for 2021?  Well Pantone said it is 2 colors grey and acid yellow:

It's nice to know that quilters are trendsetters ahead of graphic design.  Those colors are sooooo 2014-2017:

Personally, I have had enough of the color grey.  It seems like HGTV shows are always featuring that color in their home designs and it is well ho-hum at this point.  So it is refreshing to see Kona's choice.

Kona's color for 2021 is "Horizon" blue.
That color will wake you up!

Years ago, Gail Kessler visited our guild.  She was a designer for Andover fabrics and lives not far from our area.  She has a fabric store still in our region and our friend Betsy has worked there.  Gail talked about how colors are chosen by manufacturers.  Colors impact our moods.  Depression era clear colors enhanced the mood of the era. 

But there's another historical aspect of the happy colors we associate with 1930s fabric.  German dye patents became part of the Versaille Treaty and we can thank the Germans also for Bayer Aspirin--the pharmaceutical company had a plant in New York that was seized during the war.  

But as for dyes, the Germans had really worked out color fast clearer colors.  There is a fascinating article here called "Spies and Dyes" that you might enjoy.  I also enjoyed this article on the use of black and white fabric and fashion during World War 1.

I hope you will stay home and stay safe today--especially if you are in our region and expecting a foot or more of snow.

Have a wonderful and safe day!

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