Monday, December 14, 2020

Bracing for the storm


Well here in the Northeast, we are bracing for a Nor'easter--typically the worst kind of storm we can experience.  Snow is expected on Wednesday.  A couple of days ago, the weather channel reported we could get 3-5 inches.  Yesterday it was estimated 12 inches of the dreaded white stuff.  Now they are predicting 12-18 inches. 

My husband and I are already staying home because of the surge and his recovery.  Last week I got enough groceries to last us about 3 weeks.  

So snow.  I like sewing in my attic when it's snow, it's so much fun to watch!  Pictured above is a close up of one of the flakes from my vintage snowflake quilt.  I featured it a few years ago on the blog  here.

Have you decorated for the holiday?  I decided to skip decorating this year because it's just us and to be honest, I'm exhausted from caring for hubby for 4 months.  I thought I would share some fun Holiday 2020 memes that I've found like this one:

In 2020 we lost our "J"

Sorry this post is not so quilt related today.  
Hope you are all well and staying safe!


  1. Good morning, glad you can stay home during the big storm-that gets a little scary when its over a foot of snow and if you get wind and then power outages.
    enjoyed your post stay warm and safe hugs from the lake

  2. It's been a challenging year in so many ways, especially when we have spouses with medical challenges. I was finally able to decorate my Christmas tree on Friday after we learned that Mike's biopsy was negative for any cancer! Such a relief! Loved your funny memes, especially the one about getting off the car warranty call list. We sure get those! Hugs to you, Michele!

  3. Great memes! Thanks for the chuckle. We didn't decorate last year because our kitchen/dining room was being remodeled and all the stuff from those rooms was in boxes in the living room. This year it was so nice to put up the tree (4' artificial) and set the nutcrackers out on the mantel. The next remodeling is the two upstairs bathrooms. The pandemic has slowed the supply chain but more than that it has fogged my decision-making -- so we're looking at January, 2021!