Wednesday, December 9, 2020

More Christmas Quilts...Dog Themed

Do you have pets?  We have always had standard poodles.  We've had as many as four at once; in this tiny house, we basically spent our days hopping over pups. 

In this photo (which I made into a Christmas card years ago), Teddy is on the left and Seamus on the right.  Seamus would go on to become a great therapy dog.  

Paddie was also a therapy dog and she loved playing ball in the snow.  She was the oldest pup in our pack and unquestionably the favorite.  The same week that Nana Betty passed, Paddie was diagnosed with cancer and crossed the rainbow bridge 6 weeks later.  It was a tough year.  One of the ways I coped was to pour myself into making Christmas quilts.  I spent the autumn working on projects.  I'm not even sure why I fixated on this particular theme.  I memorialized our darling Paddie in this quilt that featured Seamus and Ted:

I cropped this a lot because I wanted you to see the Paddie angel on top.  That same year, I made a wall hanging for our friends who owned a doggie daycare center that Teddy and Seamus loved to visit.  This is a terrible picture (it did lay flat) but it's the only photo I found for it.

Have you ever made a quilt celebrating your love of animals?

Have a safe and happy day!



  1. I have not but I love yours and enjoyed the story of your pets-hugs

  2. Wonderful angel tree quilt and a great way to memorialize a beloved dog. The second one quilt is so much fun!