Thursday, August 15, 2019

Suffrage in the News: Every Word we Utter

I love hearing from you and recently received an email from Diann over at Little Penguin Quilts; we've been blogging friends for some time.  She shared an article she read that ran in a Colorado newspaper.  An artist named Jane DeDecker is creating an interesting monument to the sculptures.  You can read the article Diann shared with me here.

I'm excited about this concept because it honors a number of suffragists and the concept of the piece intrigues me.  The piece is called "Every Word We Utter" and honors many of the suffragists like Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony:
Image result for sojourner truth Image result for susan b. anthony

As well as,
Image result for elizabeth cady stantonImage result for harriet stanton blatch
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her daughter--
Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch who we just mentioned in the last post.
Also represented at the top of the monument are 
Image result for ida b. wells Image result for alice paul
Ida B. Wells and Alice Paul

Years ago I read an article in Smithsonian Magazine about the lack of statues honoring women.  To be honest, I think that this more a global problem than a national one but we should be supportive of any artist who wants to honor the work the suffragists did.  Please take some time to read about "Every Word We Utter" here.

Thanks Diann for pointing this out to us!!  If you have a suggestion or find something of interest you would like to relay, please email me or comment!

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  1. This is wonderful. I have an Ida B Wells quote on my desk at work. "The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them"

  2. Hay it's me Beth who posted the Ida Wells quote. I don't know why is posted as "unknown" still figuring out the blog reply thing haha

  3. I grew up in Rochester, NY, so have always known about Susan B. Anthony, but I wasn't familiar with the other women. They are good to learn about!