Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Tuesday's This and That: June 6, 2024


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Yesterday's post was late (I plugged in the wrong date) but I wanted to share Nancy's comment and you can read it here.

Sending Nancy hugs!  We all have tales of things that were tossed that we wish we would have claimed from our parents and grands.  

My husband is recovering well from his hand surgery.  Actually he is recovering too well.  I can't believe the mobility he has and the physical therapist on Monday said he can't believe it either.  I'm happy he isn't as uncomfortable and I was but dang it, some things just don't seem fair!  😂😂 Of course my husband is enjoying his speedy recovery and can even turn a door knob already!😕

What's going on in the sewing room?

I'm making 16 patches with a jelly roll and some 19th century reproduction scraps.  I have no idea what the layout will be yet.

I hung a new addition in the sewing room.  When my paternal grandmother, Nana Elsie, moved out of her house, my maternal aunt bought her house.  This is the aunt that is my age.  I apparently once told her if she removed Nana's kitchen wallpaper, could she give me a piece to keep?  I don't even remember asking that (she bought the house nearly 40 years ago) but Kathy remembered and sent me a piece a few months ago.

I don't remember much about Nana's old kitchen but I remember when the new one was being installed.  It was so pretty compared to other kitchens in the family.  Anyway, I framed a piece of the wallpaper and hung right aside of where I sew:

One other thing from the sewing room.  Why the heck did I buy this red and white polka-dotted fabric?  I truly have no clue at all but purchased earlier this year.  Have you ever done that?  Sheesh!

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Regarding Nancy's comment: When my mother died, there was a gold locket with my teeth marks on it from when I was teething. My sister asked if I wanted it. The clasp was broken so I declined. She took it, had it repaired. Then her house was robbed. It's gone. How dumb was i!

  2. I have shelves full of "What was I thinking?"