Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Tuesday's This and That: June 13, 2023


Happy Tuesday!

We have a variety of things for this week's Tuesday.  First off, I have a whole binder of teeny weeny advertisements for quilt patterns.  I found most of them in a plastic bag in an old sewing box I bought years ago.  Apparently the owner was saving them for inspiration.  Among them, this one which has now interested me:

I've never been able to find another quilt pattern by Margaret Whittemore but I did learn that she was a Kansas artist.  Born in 1897, she passed in 1983.  She's now a new member of the Story Time Stitches patterns I've saved because she did work as an artist and illustrator.  A good summary of her is here and here.  I also found an illustration from a newspaper:

Apparently she also wrote a small booklet or book called Quilting, A New Old Art via Capper publications.  I've never seen the book but if you can provide insight, I'd like to know more about her love of quilting!


"I" is for Ice Cream

Monday was the first real humid day we had this spring.  It felt good like life was returning to normal and my hubby and I had ice cream for dessert.

About a decade ago, our guild made quilts for the kids who were at school when a tornado hit.  I think it was in Oklahoma.  The quilts were given to the elementary school children to comfort them when they returned to school.  Somewhere I have a photo of the quilt I made at the time but I did find the pattern we used which is here.  One night on Pinterest, I found a much better layout which you can see on this blog here.  It's really a refereshing quilt!

Another Ice cream motif is from the Nancy Page Alphabet quilt but you could certainly do a quilt featuring ice cream.

Would you consider doing an ice cream quilt for a child?

Have a safe and happy day!

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