Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Tuesday's This and That: June 20, 2023


Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I've written about Louise before, she is the author of the blog, Quilt Papers that you can explore here.  She recently asked if I heard of a duo that wrote and illustrated a column in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  I'm publishing on the blog what I have for her to use since I don't really have time to co-author an article these days.

The duo was Helen Baxter and Jean W. McDowell.  The column, "Live Chats with Women At Home" was published in the women's page in the Philly Inquirer from 1914 until 1936.   Baxter wrote the column which covered everything from domestic and cooking tips to editorials on parenting and marriage.  I had saved a lot of patterns from them that I thought I might want to embroider some day.

One of them was this applique pattern meant for a bedspread and published in 1923.

The first pattern did not have a name for the flower.  The second was a canterbury bell, the third a lily.

I liked this pattern because it reminded me of a wagon wheel quilt that I own and coincidentally, Louise owns a similar one.  I wrote about it here.

It also reminded me of a wonderful book I've had for years that was published in 1950.  Pricilla M. Warner was a British illustrator.  I overlooked her in my Story Time Stitches list.

An extract of the book can be found here.

My big problem is that I was never successful at piecing hexagons or English paper piecing.  Maybe once my hands are better, I'll try it again.  If you like this style of quilt, you can search Pinterest using the phrase "embroidered hexagon quilts" and find a number of inspiration pieces.

Have a safe and happy day!

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