Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Tuesday's This and That: June 27, 2023


Happy Tuesday!

 Kudos to Sue!

Well you just can't keep a good woman down.  Despite Sue's broken femur, she continues to sew.  YOU GO GIRL!  Years ago I took some tops to our quilt study meeting for anyone who wanted a project.  Sue was up to the challenge!  The tops were a flimsy muslin so she added two borders to them.  I think they really set the quilt off!

Sue finished quilting these while she recovers.  I am in awe!


Here's a video that Sue shared that I think many of you will appreciate.  Claudia Pfeil was the woman in Germany who collected blue and yellow blocks to make quilts for Ukrainian refugees.  She collected (according to the video) over 22,000 blocks!  And she also received blocks and finished quilts.  This is a wonderful way to spend some time.  See it here.


Some sunbonnets from Baxter and McDowell!

Applique Crib Cover:  left and right side, 1920.

Party handkerchief design, 1925:

Knitting bag, 1919:

Have a safe and happy day!

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