Thursday, June 8, 2023

Designs Still Worth Doing: Defying the Design Odds, Part 2


Happy Wednesday and welcome to part 2 of Defying the Design Odds!

Most of you commented or emailed me about the Jolly Circus Quilt.  Louise kindly sent a photo from her version:

Despite the charm of this pattern, many of you were hesitant to make something like this for the little ones in your life.  Yes circuses are controversial but in 1923, Ruby designed a quilt pattern that defied our dislike for circuses.

The Roly Poly Circus Quilt was a complete 180 degree turn for Ruby.  Instead of angular, the animals were round and whimsical.  It is actually the more jolly looking of the two circus quilts and what makes this better, is that it doesn't look like a circus.  It's just a fun animal quilt that children love.

Quilt circa 1930.

Okay granted, the seal is on ball and the tiger is on a stand but for the most part, this is just a fun look at roundish, playful animals!  I absolutely think that my great-nephew would love this.  

On this vintage (almost antique) quilt, the outline is in black except for the monkey and the dog.  This suggests to me that dogs and monkeys may have been popular with the recipient of the quilt or the maker.

Many years ago, I saw a quilt that featured only the dog from this pattern.  Each block had different colored dogs and balloons.

I had bought this pattern years ago and have always adored these animals.  But I wanted to consider using the pattern in different ways.  So I made...a grow chart!  It's not as crooked as my poor photography makes it look.

I used a lined fabric on the side so that it didn't matter where the parents hung the piece, they could measure and use the lines for the height of the child.  I also used a reverse machine applique for the piece.

These would also be cute as pictures featured in an embroidery hoop frame.  It would be a wonderful wall feature for a nursery or a small child's room!

Can you think of other ways to use the roly polys?

Tomorrow is Flower Friday!  Please share what is going on in your garden by emailing me at!  UNLESS--you are living near me in the northeast part of the country.  The air here is above hazardous from wildfire smoke and we've all been advised to stay indoors.  Maybe you folks who aren't experiencing wildfire smoke could help us out this week?

Wishing you a safe and happy day!

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