Thursday, February 9, 2023

Crazy Ribbon Path

 Sometimes when I research something, I can't believe how many winding paths I end up making.  This is one of those posts that occurred. 

It never ceases to amaze me how many crazy quilt have ribbons on them that endured.  No, not ribbons for hats or hair, but ribbons that give us a clue as to the age and origin of the piece.  This ribbon is from 1889 despite the 1854 large font at the bottom.  I'm not sure what it is for:


Some of the ribbons on these quilts are political:

(Above and below: Ebay)

And some honor folks, particularly veterans like this one from my collection that honors members of the GAR (Union Civil War Veterans):

But I was looking for ribboned crazy quilts that featured fair and livestock premiums.  I was curious if I could find a lot because there are a number of newspaper articles citing crazy quilts the incorporated livestock winners at county fairs and competitions.


Black Langshans


I was actually surprised that I could not find any images of fair ribbons for animals when I googled.  I know quilts that feature these ribbons are out there, I'm sure I've seen one or two myself.  I just wanted to highlight them.  Do you have one?

But then, this popped up and I thought it was so clever that it made the whole tangled path I researched worth it.  It's on Etsy and it is new but I just had to highlight it:

"Horse Show Award Ribbon Wall Hanging"

This seller actually makes personalized quilts from the ribbons that people have earned (including dogs, marathon runners, anything you can think of that earned a ribbon of some sort).

How about a special wreath?

I have such a great appreciation for makers who carve themself an unexpected niche.  I really like what this quilter is doing and here is her shop if you want to peruse it.  

Hope your paths take you to something worthwhile and unexpected!

Have a safe and happy day!

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