Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Tuesday's This and That: January 8, 2022

 Happy Tuesday!

Nann's latest post on her blog features some antique and vintage pieces she was gifted recently.  You have to check this out!  There are even signature blocks!  The blocks look very Pennsylvania German to me.  Anyway, it is a great score!  Congrats Nann!

The link to Nann's blog post is here.


Robin shared a link to an interesting log cabin technique here.  I had never heard of Manx quilting.  It's a very interesting technique (it's a two part series) and really neat to see how folks in other parts of the world create their quilts!


Here's an old photo of my sewing room.  This was about 15 years ago and I've since removed the bed, added more cupboards and storage units.  Back then the radiators didn't work--hence more storage.  Now I have heat and can sew up there all winter!

Newer set-up (right after I moved the table there years ago):

Whether you call it your sewing room or studio, we tend to stress about the state of our sewing rooms.  Whenever Linda would visit, she would want to go up to "the nest" as we call the sewing attic to see what I was sewing.   I always apologized about how messy things looked.  Finally she said to me, "It's fine!  It looks like a work room and you've been working."

Last week I watched an online video from Canadian Karen Brown of "Just Get it Done Quilts."  I love her videos because she has a soothing way about her and often makes so much sense.  The video I enjoyed last week was on sewing room organization and I just loved her philosophy.  I think you will enjoy it, watch it here.

Part of my challenge with my sewing room is that I have so much fabric.  For years I couldn't refuse anyone who came to me and said, "my friend's mother passed and the friend doesn't know what to do with the fabric, would you take it?"  This was just one example.  Now I know I can't handle any more in flow but on the other hand...

My sewing project that I'm working on now, I'm actually working on a quilt and using some of the fabrics that were gifted to me years ago.  I mean YEARS ago!  My granddaughter was a baby then and she'll be 18 tomorrow.  Yes, it took almost 2 decades...but hey, I'm using it!  😁


Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Such a snug sewing space. I would love to have a bed in my little sewing room. Glad you're able to use fabric that has been waiting so long for it's turn. I have some scraps from the 1980's that I keep thinking I'm going to use for something. They were from my mother's projects so there are sweet memories attached to them. I recently watched Karen Brown's videos and have cleaned out my sewing room (especially the books). She has some good advice.

  2. What an adorable sewing space! So many of my friends are doing this "clean out" too. I'm afraid I just can't let things go. I am destined to be buried with my fabrics!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout, Michele! I found a death certificate for Catharine F. (Zearfoss) Meyers, b. 1831, d. 1917 in Ambler, PA.....I had a bed in my sewing room (several houses ago) and it was always in the way. So much decluttering advice is generic. Karen Brown is a quilter and her posts/videos are directly relatable to us.

  4. ....and Ambler, PA, is rather near you!

  5. I've been in the decluttering bandwagon myself, brought in a bin of fabrics I purchased a couple decades ago and cut most of it in 4 different widths to get some progress in finally making quilts out of it. I have one good sized lap quilt top done. Each one will be slightly different from the rest. Now stymied as to the accent color to add and where to get it from. Progress will happen. Love your sewing space.