Friday, February 11, 2022

Friendship Friday: February 10, 2022

 Happy Friday Friends!

I need no reminding that there are 37 days until spring.  My snowdrops are surfacing!

Sue P. sent this and it made me laugh!

Monday is Valentine's Day and I've hung up my wee heart wall hanging:

When Nana Betty moved to a nursing home, I not only visited her three times a week but I decorated her room with wall hangings.  This one was her Valentine's Day decoration.  Have you made a heart quilt?  I've seen a lot of them on the internet lately.  I'm thinking I should use up some of my scraps and make some heart blocks.  

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!


  1. Hi Michele, I keep forgetting to ask, is that you in the header? So very cute. Certainly more innocent times. Meanwhile, yes lots of hearts around the net and I even included one today. Your hanging is very cute and what a nice thing you did for your Nana.

  2. Flowers in February - so lovely to see! I've been sewing hearts this week. One of them is on a mug rug for my mom, to decorate her apartment at assisted living. I love your little wall-hanging!

  3. I have learned not to plant bulbs that mice, gophers nor deer will eat. It seems my dog eats bulbs, like daffodils and lily! Must give him a stomachache. Don't think dogs learn from this. We get after him for digging in the flowerbeds.