Friday, July 23, 2021

Flower Friday: July 23, 2021


Happy Flower Friday!

Nann sent this lovely photo.  She wrote:  "A new one for me.  Culver's Root or Culver's Physic or Bowman's Root.   Veronicastrum virginicum.

Apparently Dr. Culver promoted its laxative properties.  [The plant app said he "discovered" said properties but I'm sure the Native Americans had done so long before.]"

From Lorraine:

"Eucomis, pineapple lily, new for me this year."


Agastache with bees!

Libby sent photos of her "potscaping"!  Love the coleus and the creeping jenny!

Libby's Annabelle Hydrangea flowers are turning from white to green.  It is a normal change of color for these bushes:

Kathie doesn't think she has green thumb but I beg to differ.  Just look at this lovely bed!  Those sunflowers!!  Kathie wrote that she likes to grow them for the goldfinches!  

But the photo of the week goes to Sue for getting this image:

Turk's cap lily with butterfly!

Also Sue has phlox blooming!

Thanks everyone for participating in this week's Flower Friday!  Have a safe and happy weekend!


  1. I saw my first pineapple lily Wednesday at the UT Gardens/Plateau AgResearch and Education Center. Quite interesting.

  2. Pineapple lily is a new one for me...will have to look it up. Love the Turk's Cap and Swallowtail!