Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What you are working on!

Beth is working on this right now!  Many of you know her because she does the By the Chimney No More program with me.  Isn't this quilt lovely?  She had texted me a photo of the masks she is making but for whatever I can't download those photos.  She writes:  

I am grateful to work remotely during this pandemic and the ability to sew during my lunch break is wonderful.  I have three projects in the work during this time of social distancing.  Chain piecing an Irish chain quilt.  Hand sewing the binding on a rail fence quilt .  And making covers for the N 95 masks so desperately needed for our dedicated health workers.  quilters and makers have always used our sewing as therapy during hard times and to support causes.  Let us all use this time to be productive, help where we can, and if you are in lock down with a friend or a family member now is a great time to teach them the art of sewing.  Stay safe, strong and stich on!

I also want to let you know that I have another blog that you may wish to explore called 3 poodles and a nana.  I've had that blog since my granddaughter was a toddler.  I'm sharing it with you in case you need some kind of diversion--there are lots of other quilt related blogs that show up on the main page on the Your Are my Sunshine list to the right of the blog.  Enjoy.

On Wednesday I'm going to post some photos of Suffrage Centennial quilts that you have been sending me.  Stay safe in the meantime and my prayers are with you all!

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