Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tuesday's This and That: March 26, 2024


Good morning!

Today I'm just sharing some articles that I enjoyed and hope you enjoy them too!

Do you remember the movie, Monuments Men?  Did you know that there were monuments women?  I didn't but of course that's true!  So before the end of Women's History Month:   Here is the article.


My seasonal allergies are beginning early.  Already in mid-March, the tree pollen was nearly half way up the scale.  But here is an article about when "allergies" first began to be researched.


When I talked about notions and gadgets last week, Robin commented that her thimble was her favorite notion.  It's also Beth's favorite notion.  Strangely enough, here is an article about an early thimble with a romantic message!


Have a safe and happy day!

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