Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The Lucky Report


How are you this morning?

"Play with me!"

Today is all about Lucky.  He was groomed in early January, mostly just washed and a slight trim.  I had stayed with Lucky the whole time and helped.  It is really difficult to groom a wriggly giggly dog.  At that point, Jessa suggested asking the vet for something to calm him down while he is getting groomed.  So I did that.  I didn't want him getting nicked or cut because of his antics.

So Lucky went for a grooming and it was with Jessa's new assistant (Dani) who's been working at another shop for years.  Lucky was the first dog she was going to take on.  As usual when he meets someone,  Lucky was jumping around, mouthing anything he could reach and acting like a lunatic.

"He's sedated,"  I told them.  We all three watched as he jumped on us and was totally inappropriate.

I looked at Dani with deep sympathy, "nothing like baptism by fire, right?"

But she did okay.  They have a hammock to help keep him stationary.  I picked him up and we stopped to show my mom his new do.  The sedative was given to him three hours before Jessa's (as per the vet's instructions)  and it was another three hours until I picked him up.  "Look," my mom said, "he's really drowsy now."  Great.

We are walking a lot now that the weather has turned.  I don't know who's getting more tired, him or me.  But fortunately, the boy has developed an interest in ball playing in the back yard.

He's even retrieving the ball so I can throw it again (okay, sometimes).

Last week we decorated my mother's house for Easter.  Lucky is not so sure about the Easter Bunny.

He'd only get close when he was reassured by my brother Jim.

Until my brother tried to move the bunny and the head fell off.  Lucky did not know how to deal with that!  He decided to keep some distance.

But when he and I are in the sewing room, I found a new trick to calm him down.  It turns out that Lucky is a Samba baby.  When Asterid Gilberto came on the radio and sang "The Girl from Ipanema," Lucky curled up and fell asleep.  I turned the Pandora app onto Brazilian music and peace reigns in the sewing room for at least an hour or two.


Wishing you a safe and happy day!


  1. What a happy story. Lucky is quite the character. He certainly livens up your lives and returns the love your family has given him. Thanks for sharing the stories, Michele.

  2. Lucky is quite the boy. Lol on the fear of the Easter bunny! That's so sweet about the Brazilian music - now I have The Girl From Ipanema in my head, but that's OK. ;)