Monday, March 4, 2024

National Quilting Month


Happy Monday!

One of the guilds posted that it is now National Quilting Month. March 16 marks National Quilting Day.  It's also Women's History Month.  

I thought I would feature a quilt I haven't shown in a while, the Robin Quilt:

The reason I am posting this one again is because Lucky is experiencing his first spring as a loved puppy.  He's been chasing birds and especially seems enthralled with the robins at the park.

Poor boy doesn't realize he'll never catch them.  However, one mourning dove was just sitting on the garden wall and Lucky passed him by 2 times without even noticing him.  😆 He sure makes our life fun!

Wishing you a happy and safe day!


  1. Lol, I guess the dove was smart not to be cooing when Lucky passed him by. :D Your robin quilt is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for sharing the robin quilt. I should make one of these.