Monday, March 18, 2024

Trip Down Memory Lane


Happy Monday!

Lately I've been taking a trip down quilt memory lane.  There were many things that reignited my interest in quilting.  One was some of my co-workers at the college I worked at that showed me new techniques to use.  But a big influence was HGTV's Simply Quilts show with Alex Anderson.  How many of you watched that?

A few weeks ago, I was thinking of something that Alex once said and was surprised to find that some of the old shows are on the internet to watch.  It was wonderful to revisit the show.  At the time the show was actually on, I used to tape the shows.  Of course once the VCR died, that ended that pleasure.  I think that HGTV cancelled the show about 18 years ago.  What a mistake that network made!

One of the most memorable guests that comes to mind was Laura Wasilowski.  She's memorable to me because she had a dry sense of humor (Chicago School of Fusing) and because her technique is still one I occasionally use.

Do you remember a specific guest or technique you learned from the show?

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Rachel Clark! Quilted coat maker extraordinaire! Just took a class with her last summer at QBL (Quilting By the Lake) and am making a coat based on the geometric elements found in paintings by Gustav Klimt. Almost done…cheers, Louise of Vestal, NY

  2. Oh, yes--I watched Alex's show and Carol Duvall's. Has it been 18 years?? Alex is still everywhere. (Carol passed away.) I never tune into HGTV these days.

  3. Me too! Watched, taped, rewatched, vcr died, tossed tapes...paula nadelstern comes to mind