Thursday, September 7, 2023

Thursday's This and That: September 7, 2023


If you read my post yesterday, I bet you know I'm a bit confused these days.  After I posted, I panicked and added the usual blurb about Flower Friday.  I've got a lot on my plate and confuse my days right now and that's okay.

Kerry is actually doing well right now, all things considered.  She still wants to go to the park in the morning and even though we don't walk for very long, she gets to see her dog friends.  This could be because she is tired more but also the heat has been awful even early in the morning.  But each day we have her is a gift and she is getting lots of loving.  She is very happy to be living with us.

I've brought the sewing machine down to the dining room.  Last week I bound two quilts and am very happy with the way they look:

My friend Lizzie quilted them and even included bees on this quilt which is for my neighbor Molly who is a beekeeper:

My husband returned home from working in Oklahoma and I'm hoping he will be here through the weekend.  Our guild is having basket bingo and I would really like to go if he is here to care for the puppy.  Fingers crossed he doesn't get sent out!🤞

Even though it's not officially autumn, the garden has that "tired" look these days.  I'm behind on my chores out there and well other things are the priority.

My question for Flower Friday is:  Now that the season is beginning to close, is there anything you wish you had included in your garden?  A color or a plant?  Anything you learned that you loved?  Just wondering....

Tomorrow is Flower Friday so if you want to share thoughts or photos, email me at

Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. I must have missed Kerry's arrival. Tell me a little more about the lovely doggie...we lost ours in I have dog envy these days.