Tuesday, September 19, 2023



Happy Tuesday!

My husband travelled the world for his job before the pandemic.  About 15 years ago, he was sent to Indonesia.  I don't normally ask my husband to bring anything back but I thought some batik fabric might actually be interesting.   I didn't have any in my stash and even wrote post-it notes in his luggage to remind him of the word batik.  

Surprisingly, he did bring me home some fabric.  One piece of cotton that was printed to resemble batik and a lot of thin fabric.  "The lady at the kiosk said you would love this.  It's actual silk!"

I never told him it was polyester.  I thanked him profusely.  Effort counts especially when he normally hates shopping.

I personally was never a big fan of batiks but the younger generation loved those fabrics so I have some in my stash.  Recently, I used some bigger scraps for this quilt.

Last week I wanted a new project and found a pattern I had purchased a while ago called Winterbound.  The pattern is here.  I think I had purchased it for some of my snow fabric but forgot about it.  😕 So I decided it would be a good pattern for batik scraps.  The pattern is paper pieced.  I'm going to make mine scrappy and using up a lot of autumn colored scraps.  I figured I would make this for one of the young secretaries at my husband's office who is always looking out for him when he is on the road.

I'm wondering if you enjoy batiks.  Beth has said to me that she doesn't buy batiks because she doesn't like the feel of the fabric.  Another woman told me the prints are too wild for her and too expensive.

What are your preferences?

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. I buy some batiks, not the real wild colors though. I use it with regular fabric because that's what it is! The Winterbound pattern is pretty, it will look nice with your batiks, happy stitching!

  2. My brother thoughtfully brought me batik from Indonesia. It's actually printed in a design for a complete sari (or whatever you call that skirt-like wrap). Nothing like the batiks we buy in a quilt shop. I go through phases of using batiks. Some are really hard to work with because of the color variations.

  3. I love the batiks, the colors and designs but I don't buy them because I'm a hand quilter and batik is hard to quilt on. It usually has a high thread count to begin with and then it has been through numerous rinses so it has shrunk. It is tight fabric. My daughter on the other hand, who is a new quilter, uses only batiks.

  4. I love batiks! And my stash proves it. What I would like to get better at is integrating batiks with "regular" quilting cotton.

  5. I love batiks - but it took ma awhile. Like all fabrics, some are better than others, and I was luck to be an ambassador for awhile for Island Batiks...which really made me appreciate their fabrics. I never had any problems quilting them, by hand or machine, but I know others do.