Thursday, September 28, 2023

Healing with Green


Good morning!

Years ago, we had 3 standard poodles.  If you have a lot of dogs, you can have a problem maintaining grass.  It's just the way it goes.  We decided to put gravel in the little area out back.  It was a good substitute but it was kind of ugly and it made weeding more difficult.  So then I pulled up the gravel and used mulch.  Easier to weed but kind of boring in the garden.

What I was really craving was a place for my eyes to rest.  So about four years ago, I decided to try Irish and Scottish moss in the big area of the upper back yard.  

It never needs to be mown and provides my eyes with the sweet green color.

The moss garden is in front of Scout and was the spindly little grass looking area.  About two years ago.

The maxim about gardening is "First year sleep, second year creep, third year leap."  It took four years but the moss has finally settled in and despite drought and heat waves, has overtaken the garden.

When Kerry passed, Linda told me that she often kept a fleecy type of blanket nearby when she read books.  The feel of the fleece reminded her of stroking her cat.  After Kerry passed, I found the same comfort while weeding the moss garden.  The moss does feel like a poodle coat.

The lighter colored grass is Scottish moss, the darker is the Irish moss.  About the only difficult thing in growing this is keeping the moss weeded.  In summer time it is more difficult because there is so much more sun there but as our planet tilts and the autumn light changes, it is more pleasing to be out there.

It takes a long time to weed the garden and I usually joke with my husband that this is micro-gardening.  I can spend 2 hours weeding the area and only come up with a bucket of weeds (or less).  It's time consuming but restful.

I've heard for decades that green is the color of healing.  Hopefully I will get more time in this garden this weekend if the weather is good.

Tomorrow is Flower Friday and I'm wondering what is going on in your garden.  If you wish to share any photos, please email me at

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Wonderful to hear about that moss as a grass substitute. I'd not heard that maxim about gardening but so true. Any time I spend in the garden is soothing to me I find. And there is always something to do out there. That you can count on. Hope you are having a good weekend, Michele.

  2. I like the idea of moss, and we have some in our yard, and some on the patio. Green is healing...missing our dogs is hard...glad you are finding some respite in the garden.