Thursday, May 25, 2023

More wall hangings...


Happy Thursday!  

Well I have a couple of things for this post.  After the Monday wall hanging post, Louise kindly reminded me of the Noah's Ark wall hanging.  I had forgotten all about that and even wrote about it in 2020 (the year that I seemed to have forgotten a lot of things I wrote).  Anyway, the post is here if you want to see the Noah's Ark wall hanging pattern.


Over the weekend I was going through textiles again and came upon some cross stitching I did in the 1980s.  I'm trying to clear things out (a constant in my life these days) so I decided to make some wall hangings.  I finished them this week.

I went with plain borders because the original pieced borders I made overwhelmed the cross stitch.  When I checked Pinterest to see what others did with cross stitch, I found that most folks did plain borders and those worked the best.  I still have one piece left but it is big and I might have that framed for my aunt who has green in her living room.


We need rain in the Lehigh Valley.  We haven't had any rain for two weeks and I'm grateful to have the soaker hoses.  To make matters worse, we have had breezy days which dries out the soil.  So we are in a holding pattern.  I can't have Andy mulch the backyard until we have a good rainfall.  The tomatoes remain on the patio table until we have good rain.  When I talked to Linda this week, she was doing the same thing with her tomatoes.  What's it like where you live?

And just for fun...

Tomorrow is Flower Friday.  If you have anything to share, please email me at!

Have a safe and happy day!

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