Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Designs Still Worth Doing: Mother Goose Quiltie


In 1916, the Kansas City Star published another quilt series by Ruby Short.  This one was similar to the angular lines of the Quaddy Quiltie but featured Mother Goose characters.  Sometimes in newspapers it was referred to as the "Mother Goose Colonial Quilt."  It was also picked up by the Boston Globe that year:

The interesting aspect of McKim's work is the staying power of her designs.  The design series were often used for quilt contests.  The Brooklyn Daily Eagle featured the same pattern in the early 1920s and a "quilting bee" contest for children who completed the quilts (2-first prizes of $10; 2-second prizes of $5--a huge sum back in those days).

Ruby Short married Arthur McKim in 1917 and the couple had three children during their marriage.  Arthur had worked in public relations and the couple created one of the most successful sewing cottage industries.

Jack and Jill from Mother Goose Quiltie

The couple took quilt marketing to a whole new level.  After their first child was born, the couple took a trip throughout the U.S. to meet various newspaper publishers and developed strong relationships with them.  From all accounts, the McKims had a deep affection and respect for each other and worked well as a team.

Another factor was the trend that occurred at the time.  The Colonial Revival was in full swing and a renewed interest in quilting blossomed.

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