Friday, May 5, 2023

Flower Friday: May 5, 2023


Happy Flower Friday!

Today we are celebrating the arrival of Spring at our friend, Jocelyn's!!!  Jocelyn lives in Ontario, Canada and has daffodils blooming!  Congratulations Jocelyn!  Jocelyn also has a wonderful blog, Canadian Needle Nana and you can check it out here!

Jocelyn's spring is reason for all of us to do a little dance!

Everything in my garden is in a bit of a holding pattern because of the cool temps we've had.  I have no doubt that the plants will be bursting with joy once we get a little warm weather!

In the meantime, the fern leaf peony is blooming!

The red azaleas are prepared for blooming as soon as we get some warmth!

The False Solomon seal is also blooming!

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!


  1. So happy the link up happened...see we can do this, Michele! Anyway thanks also for the kind shout out too.