Thursday, May 11, 2023

Ferns in the Garden


Happy Thursday!

I think my favorite garden time is this part of spring.  I like the lush variety of greens and the occasional pops of color.  There's something about these greens that are soothing.  I'll appreciate the chaos of colors in the garden when summer arrives but it is not as soothing as they serene spring days.

Ferns have a magical impact on gardens.  I like them because they remind me of my Nana Elsie's garden.   In the last two years, I've noticed that the Japanese Painted ferns have sprung up...but not anywhere near the original plants.

There are now some in my front yard, and near the swing (in the far back yard) and the only thing I can deduce is that some of the wildlife transported the spores of the fern...especially because the places that my dogs have never gone.

And we have a whole new fern and I'm not sure what kind of fern it is at all but it is in a few places in the garden--especially where the animals have dug an entrance/exit under the fence.

Do you know what kind of fern this is?

Tomorrow is Flower Friday and I've received a few photos already!  Please share your photos by emailing me at!

Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. Hi Michele, if I haven't said already, that header photo is so beautiful. Ferns are also lovely plants. I don't know the fern you show but I cut out a piece for applique that looked just like it. I'll be interested if someone can put a name to it. Have a great weekend.