Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Matroyshka Quilts


I saw a comic on facebook and it cracked me up.  It was a one matryoshka doll with a mask on, standing aside a hall rack with four small masks hanging from it.  I'd almost like to make a quilt with this theme but I don't have time right now.

Nesting dolls or matryoshkas are generally associated with Russian folk craft but I read an article here that said the concept was originally from Japan.  Did you have a set when you were a kid?  I did and it was just like the one pictured above.  I have a fondness for the dolls and a number of sets are packed away in the attic from a summer I spent studying in Russia.  I have a degree in Russian/Slavic studies.

You may remember a few years ago, sewing anything with these motifs was very popular.  I made this piece for a quilt challenge even before the fad began:

A few years ago my friend Kim gave me yardage of matroyshka fabric and I made a number of quilts.  Here is a photo I found of one of them:

This was the last piece of fabric and I just wanted to use it all up because I loved the fabric so much!

When my mother gave me her embroidery machine, I could even make the dolls as favor for a family member's baby shower.  Each mama had a baby in a pocket, not unlike a kangaroo.  They were so cute!

So I'm not posting much this week because of course, life happened.  The dog has been ill and is going to the vet today, I'm chauffering relatives to the hospitals for various tests (not covid) and of course, my husband got sent out of state for a few days.  All this to say that I'm blogging less this week because of all the activity.  

So nested in this post, I'm sharing...
A great article was on Barbara Brackman's blog yesterday and you can read it here.  It's interesting and the work is gorgeous!  I'm sure part 2 will be posted today.

Representative Katie Porter is a rising star in the House of Representatives.  But did you know there is a quilt connection?  Check out this video!

I'll be back on Friday for Flower Friday and if you wish to share images of your garden or any floral image, email me at

In the meantime, stay safe and well!  Have a great day!


  1. Love the shower favors, Michele. So clever and well done. I had no idea of the Katie/Liz Porter connection. Thanks for that.

  2. I hope your dog gets well soon. I love this post. My daughter has been collecting Matroyshka dolls for years. My favorite is a set of the Beatles. And, yes you guessed it, Ringo is the smallest. That set was actually made in Japan. I also remember as a child I have a wooden apple with a full set of tiny dishes inside. That was also made in Japan. I love your little shower dolls and your wonderful quilt.

  3. I have the same set as at the top that I got in Russia. when I was an exchange student in Finland in high school. I had no idea of its significance at the time. I haven't seen this fabric before; cute!!