Friday, April 2, 2021

Flower Friday: April 2, 2021

 Happy Flower Friday!  

We had a dusting of snow last night, not enough to worry about but I did notice the daffodils out front are droopy. 

The beginning of the week was warm and lovely and I got some photos of these lovelies:

Daffs and Lungwort

Years ago, when the grandkids were small, we had a bird bath that sprung a leak.  Hubby tried to fix it but it continued to leak so I transformed it into a fairy garden.  The drainage was perfect for flowers and plants.  

When I went to my local nursery, the owner (who knew very well I was a great customer) would often throw a little something for the fairy garden into my bag.

Our neighbors brought the fairy riding on the snail back from vacation for us one year.  The gift was to thank us for taking care of their cat while they were gone.

We stopped planting the fairy garden when the kids got too old to appreciate it.  A few years ago, I noticed on our walks that a little girl had a similar fairy garden in a bird bath in the front of her home.  The child was only about 4 years old.  I often would walk very early in the morning and occasionally I'd take something from our old fairy garden and put it into hers as a surprise.  It became a fun game for me to leave a gift without being noticed.  No matter how early or wily I was, it seems that most of the neighborhood knew what was going on as we played the next two summers.

My favorite garden fairies were these little girls:

Katie, Helena and Natalie.

It hardly seems possible that Katie and Natalie are well into college and little Helena is now 17!

Enjoy your holiday this weekend and if you have a chance to see your little ones, have a great time!

Stay safe and well!


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