Friday, April 30, 2021

Flower Friday: April 30, 2021

Happy Flower Friday!

Today Libby shared her azaleas from her secret garden! I just love the idea of a secret garden and that iron fence really makes the garden secretive!

Sue had a different tale to tell and some great life insights:

"Today was my birthday (42 again).  This morning the kitchen sink backed up.  After clearing it, I put the plunger on the front porch to dry off.  I wonder what the delivery person thought when they dropped off my daughter's gift.  My minister says the picture is a great metaphor for life.  Sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug.  Some days call for flowers and some days call for a plunger."
Happy Belated Birthday Sue!

My Fern Leaf Peonies hadn't bloomed in years and I've been moving them around the garden the past years trying to find a place they like.  I'm thrilled I have at least one flower now!

Sandra's Fern Leaf Peonies are absolutely fantastic!! This gives you a better idea of what they should look like.  She said she must have moved them 6 times before she found the right place for them!

My sweet neighbors bought these begonias for me.  Aren't they lovely?

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Love that secret garden. Just beautiful.

  2. The iron fencing makes it secretive from the deer! We have learned to double check the gate after workmen are here.