Monday, January 25, 2021

Men Who Quilt #8


Sometimes quilters have strong competitive sense.  Do you know how many quilts you've made in your lifetime?  I sure don't; I just like making them.  A valid question about these men would be:  do these articles reflect the quilter and or does it reflect the writer?

1908:  "No woman can do more exquisite or more durable work than he can."

I couldn't find anything on Mr. Johnson's invention nor could I find any photos of his quilts.  I sure would like to know what he invented!

In 1915, the gauntlet was thrown:

Again, no images of his quilts.  But today I looked him up to see what further I could find on him (as I had with Johnson).  It seems my initial gut reaction was correct when I filed these articles under Y for "yucky":

So this intrigued me.  I thought I'd like to see this quilt...until I read the last paragraph:

Yep.  Yucky.

Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. I am so glad we have people like you who find these wonderful and humorous articles for the rest of us! I had a dear male friend who made quilts well into his 80's. He was a remarkable man and a great quilter. He was however obsessed with the size and number of pieces that went into his quilts. Each quilt he made would have to have smaller and "more" pieces than the last. Looking back at some of the more famous male quilters, that same pattern emerges. Interesting.