Friday, January 8, 2021

Flower Friday: January 8, 2021


Yes this week we need as much cheering up as possible!

It's Flower Friday!  

71 days until the first day of Spring!   

Here are some delights to brighten your day:

This sampler was made by Betsy's grandmother, Marjorie Vandling Davis.  Isn't it lovely?  I love the phrase!  Betsy honors her grandmother by displaying this on a window seat along with this pillow that she made for the seat:
It's been a long time since I've seen candlewicking (the offwhite embroidery) and forgot how stunning it is!  Thanks Betsy!

Sue reminded us of the wonders of nature--and also the resilience.  I think this is a good message for this week.  She wrote:

I water my orchids with ice cubes.  I drink lots of iced tea with lemon.  When done with ice tea I dump the leftover ice cubes into my orchids.  Now I have lots of lemon trees growing in the orchids!  One has grown quite tall.

These are some amazing messages for this week.  Stay strong, honor those that came before us, and remember we can persevere.

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend!



  1. Oh my! I just found your blog through Barbara Brackman's post on the "1682" quilt in Alabama. I look forward to being a frequent reader. Thanks!