Thursday, January 14, 2021

Loving Little Lulu


When my brother and I were kids, whenever we had a windfall of money--like a whole 25 cents--we'd bicycle the half mile to the drug store and pick up a comic book each.  Jim liked Superman or The Fantastic Four.  I loved Little Lulu.

Apparently many of you loved Little Lulu too because I've gotten some interesting emails and at least one comment about my "Let's Make A Quilt!" quilt.  A few months ago, I had texted Beth about sashing choices for this piece and she called me to tell me about how she loved Little Lulu.

Beth even had a Little Lulu doll which looked just like this.  It was her favorite doll until Babe, the huge family-part St. Bernard Dog got Little Lulu when Beth was about 8 or 9 years old.  Beth's mom tried to save poor Lulu's bashed in face but eventually she had to be discarded.  Still Beth saved the dress from Little Lulu for years.  Beth said that everytime she read The Velveteen Rabbit to her kids,  she thought of her beloved Little Lulu.

Sue actually emailed me a Little Lulu scarf she had as a kid that she still has:

Sue wrote:  "I love you Little Lulu, I do!"
She thinks she had a Little Lulu doll too.

Wendy commented:  "Oh how I loved Little Lulu!  She was a free spirit and knew how to look out for herself.  I was a lot like her when I was little. My mom used to call it 'headstrong'."

Because of the response, I thought I would share with you some Little Lulu embroidery designs.  Somewhere in my big cupboards of research, I actually have a McCall's catalog with an ad for the pattern which I think was published in the 1950s.
Enjoy and go on and make yourself a Little Lulu embroidered piece!

Tomorrow is Flower Friday.  Please feel free to email me any floral images:

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Oh wow, I had forgotten all about Little Lulu. That sure brings back memories!

  2. I remember the song: "Little Lulu, Little Lulu / with freckles on her chin / Always in and out of trouble / but mostly always in." Even when I was a kid I wondered about a freckled chin!