Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Comfort Sewing


Happy Tuesday!  How are you doing?

For the last two weeks, I've been caring for my hubby who has back problems.  At night, I've been perusing the internet to learn how quilt bloggers are coping and as always, looking for quilt ideas.  

It was comforting to learn that I'm not the only person who is gravitating towards simple patterns and some order in my sewing room.  Amy Smart just recently wrote a blog post here that you may wish to read.  A couple of blogs are encouraging quilter to finish long lost UFOs or organize your sewing space.

The best advice I've ever heard regarding clutter is from my friend Linda.  She tries to reduce "horizontal surfaces" in her home because clutter will always accumulate there when one is in a hurry.  I confess I'm guilty of this and have way too many horizontal surfaces in my sewing room:
Yup, clutter 😏

Last summer Beth and I had a talk.  You've heard of comfort food but we talked comfort blocks.  These are the patches we like to make when we are stressed.  I always gravitate to 4 patches.  I love them, I love how they look and I always thought I would write and sew a program on what you can do with a 4 patch.  
Xmas top I made in May.

Beth prefers 9 patches as her go-to comfort sewing. She was whipping them up during this long hot summer.  Now she is reorganizing and rearranging her sewing room.  She is preparing "kits" of hand sewing projects for the winter.

Beth has been playing with the idea of doing cross stitching again.  My neighbor asked was I interested in taking up knitting  again because he thought it would calm him (it will).  

I think we are all longing for order and peace these days.  I keep pinning images of  gingham quilts on my pinterest boards.  This isn't a quilt I would normally be interested in but for whatever reason I like it right now.  You can see Debby Kratovil's here or this one on the Ma Tante blog.  I do think this quilt would be nice for a Camp Erin donation quilt--the organization is always looking for quilts that are appropriate for boys.

Do you have a sewing or crafting technique that is your go-to when you lack motivation or need some comfort?  What are your tips to keeping your work space peaceful?  I know and have read most of the bloggers write about this but maybe you have a unique idea!  Please let me know at allentownquilter@gmail.com and I'll share your thoughts on Thursday.

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Sewing is always comforting to me! I've been on a roll with 4 patches, too. Embroidery is another craft I've been enjoying - it's so soothing to pull thread through fabric and create a pretty design!

  2. When in doubt I sew HSTs. My default size uses two 3" squares cut diagonally. I trim to 2.5". My other go-to size uses batiks -- neutral and a color -- starting with 4" squares, trimming to 3.5".