Thursday, September 17, 2020

Comfort Sewing Part 2

 Happy Thursday!  Just a brief follow-up from Tuesday's post on Comfort Sewing.  I forgot to mention on Tuesday that using up my stash brings me great comfort as well!  

Over the weekend, I could actually do a small project that used up mini-charms.  I made doll quilts to accompany the quilts I am making for three little girls. 

I'm hoping to get them quilted over the weekend.  I got the idea from a vintage doll quilt I own:

Close up of one of the patches:

This vintage quilt consists of sample pieces that women could buy in the 1930s and 1940s.  Like our pre-cuts now, the pieces had a variety of colorways and were for the most part, uniform in size.  

Only a few of you answered my question as to what kind of sewing or crafting gives you comfort.  Nann said:

When in doubt I sew HSTs. My default size uses two 3" squares cut diagonally. I trim to 2.5". My other go-to size uses batiks -- neutral and a color -- starting with 4" squares, trimming to 3.5".

Diann also shared her thoughts:

Sewing is always comforting to me! I've been on a roll with 4 patches, too. Embroidery is another craft I've been enjoying - it's so soothing to pull thread through fabric and create a pretty design!

No matter what you do, make sure you have something that gives you some peace of mind.  

Next week is "Guild Week" and I'll be looking at women sewing in groups.  My own guild, Crazy Quilters Quilt Guild is celebrating our 30th year this month!  Do you belong to a quilt guild or sewing group?  Do you have a story you wish to share?  Feel free to email me!

Tomorrow is Flower Friday and I've already received one submission from Betsy.  If you want to be included in Flower Friday and share a photo of a flower, floral textile or quilt or illustration, email me at

Have a safe and happy week!


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