Tuesday, December 17, 2019

"Do You Use a Sewing Machine?"

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There's no other way to put this:  some people objected to women voting because we were believed to be too stupid.
Early 20th century cartoon

There must have been some debate among Antis as to whether or not a woman could handle the technicalities of placing a ballot in a box.   In 1915, New York suffragists published a pamphlet to dispute this idea in terms that you and I enjoy.  1915 was the year that NY, PA, NJ, and Massachusetts all had a referendum on the ballot in the fall for (male) voters to determine whether or not women should vote.
Here is the pamphlet, enjoy!


  1. I'll admit I do think about chocolates and my correspondence (although more and more electronic versions), but I hope that my use of a sewing machine offsets those silly thoughts.

  2. It seems there are people in every era who think the old ways are the best and we (especially women and minorities) are incapable of growing and changing for the better! I'm always surprised when I hear that kind of reasoning!

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