Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Detroit, MI: Sewing for the Cause!

Mrs.  Brotherton of Detroit, Michigan had two problems.  She needed an extensive set of napkins hemmed by hand for her daughter's upcoming wedding and she needed to raise money for the suffrage cause.  

Mrs. B. combined the problems.  "I'm having a suffrage sewing bee and paying my guests to come and sew for me--see to it that every cent I pay, goes into the suffrage society treasury."

The guests had a wonderful time and apparently enjoyed a delicious gateaux (rich cake).  The women made up little ditties as they sewed.  Here is my favorite:

"I've met some noble Williams,
And some dashing chaps named Will.
But the boy who'll conquer Lansing yet, 
is just plain suffrage Bill."

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  1. Great story of killing two birds with one stone. Thanks.